Wheel of Stars!!

A ninja weapon? A game show filled with celebrities?

Nah…this Wheel of Stars is soooo much cooler, and much more pleasant to listen to. It’s a webapp that plays the stars, literally!

As each star passes the meridian, the application plays a tone. The note is based on the star’s color and the volume is based on brightness. The result is an ethereal music of the spheres that you can enjoy while relaxing and surfing the interwebs. And since the whole sky takes 24 hours to rotate around, it sounds different every time!

The stellar positions, colors, and magnitudes (apparent brightness) used in the project were recorded by Hipparcos, a mission that ended in 1993. This just shows how the information such observatories provide can be used for many years to come, and not simply for scientific purposes!

What a lovely work of art…


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